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DOCUMENTS - Exit[退出]


1) HKC Order
Vendor will get an order in Hong Kong Connections Ltd format, all the shipment booking and the order payment will be made through Hong Kong connections Ltd
工廠會收到以香港環軒有限公司為抬頭的訂單, 所有出貨安排及付款事宜, 皆由香港環軒有限公司安排

2) Pass Through Order
Vendor will get an order in Hobby Lobby format, vendor has to arrange the shipment booking themselves, Hobby Lobby Stores Inc will make payment to the factory directly
工廠會收到以Hobby Lobby Stores Inc為抬頭的訂單, 工廠需自行安排出貨, 出貨後, Hobby Lobby Stores Inc 會直接付款給工廠


1) Order covering Letter
   A) HKC Order
   B) Pass Through Order
2) Re-inspection
   A) Re-Inspection charge for different area
   B) Explaination for Re-inspection charge
3) Security Letter
4) Document needed for new factory
5) Inspection Application form
6) Solid Wood Packing Decoration, Piece Count Letter & Copyright Declaration
7) Shipping Document requirement


1) HKC Vendors
   - Quote Sheet Format
   - Sample String Tag

3) Pass Through Vendor
   - Quote Sheet format
   - Sample String Tag

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