Floral Department


Floral Dept of Hong Kong Connections Ltd. handles a large portion of purchase of the corresponding department in Hobby Lobby Inc. We source for Seasonal & Everyday Artificial Floral and Greenery items, including Stem/Spray/Bush/Garland/Wreath/ Swag/Tree/Premades/Pick/ Candlering/Fruit/etc.


香港環軒公司的絲花部負責處理Hobby Lobby Inc 對應部門的大部份釆購訂單,釆購類別為季節性的及常年的人造花/葉產品,包括枝頭/花、葉樹/藤/大圈/半月/大樹/盆栽/短枝/燭圈/水果/等等。


-Xmas Bush 01
-Xmas Bush 02
-Xmas Candlering
-Xmas Garland 01
-Xmas Garland
-Xmas Leave Spray
-Xmas Pick
-Xmas Premades 01
-Xmas Premades 03
-Xmas Premades 04
-Xmas Stem
-Xmas Swag
-Xmas Teardrop
-Xmas Wreath

-Everyday Berry Stem
-Everyday Bush 01
-Everyday Bush 02
-Everyday Floral Bush
-Everyday Floral Garland
-Everyday Floral Stem 01
-Everyday Floral Stem
-Everyday Floral Wreath
-Everyday Greenery Bush
-Everyday Premades 01
-Everyday Premades 02
-Everyday Wreath 01
-Everyday Wreath 02

-Fall Candlering
-FallFloral Bush 02
-FallFloral Stem 01
-FallLvs Spray 01
-FallLvs Spray 02
-FallLvs Spray 03
-FallPremades 02
-Fall Wreath

-Acrylic granuls01
-Glass Vase 01
-Terra Cotta Pot 01

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Mabel Chan
For Premade Arrangement, Tree, Seasonal Wreath/Garland/Swag

Yvonne Yip
For Spray, Wedding Supplies

Tim Chan
For Flowering and Greenery Bush, Greenery Garland, Pick, Fruit, Gardening Containers

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